I am a person who actively seeks out crashing bores and broken things. I get excited by new problems, because it's by taking the time to formulate questions that answers reveal themselves. Creativity is born of necessity, and everything informs my practice.

I began adulthood as a shop-girl, moved into recruitment – via motherhood – and again to academia where, after graduating two degrees, I taught philosophy and academic writing skills. But writing is my bag so I gave up working for others to pursue my writerly dream full time in 2013, and now I'm a literature ambassador, teacher, and content writer, as well as a writer writer.

Send me the old guy who can talk about nineteenth century lamp posts for hours, his obsession will nurture my art. Give me the problem you don't have time to deal with, the process of solving it will feed my practice, as well as yours. Ask me a question about the quantum periodic table, I won’t know the answer, but seeking it will expand my mind. 

Everything is material.

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