Pay no attention

I’m just exploring something and it’s not going well…

Here’s a picture 💚

My birthday lunch.

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  1. Scarlet

    Well, the birthday lunch looks yummy!
    Are you tinkering beneath your blog bonnet?

    1. Eryl

      Yes, foolish woman that I am! X

  2. 63mago

    No ! Ah bah, never would I … goodness, what’s “attention” anyway ?

    Best belated birthday bishes – Stabreim über alles !

    1. Eryl

      Ha! Thank you, Mago.

      Do you live anywhere near Koln, I’ll be there for three nights at the end of the month?

  3. 63mago

    Cologne – that is by train three to four hours, I am in Wuerzburg.

    At the end of the month (Mai 2022) I (very surely) will not be here from 26th to 29th (Thursday to Sunday ; you realise that Thursday is Christi Himmelfahrt, yes ?).
    I’ll return to Wuerzburg on Sunday, and will work the following week from 30th of Mai to 3rd of June.
    You are very welcome ! I would proudly show the capital village to you.

    1. Eryl

      Mmm… I arrive in Cologne on the 28th and leave on the 1st. The 30th is my brother’s birthday, so I’ll be celebrating with him and my two sisters and niece that day. Would it be practical for me to come to Wuerzburg on the 31st, or are you working all day? And is it too much of a journey for such a short visit?

      1. 63mago

        I think that is too much train for a too short visit.
        I have to work in the afternoon from 15:00 onwards, so have to leave a bit earlier. To travel from Köln to Wbg would mean to start in the early morning in order to arrive around midday (at least if I understand “” correctly), so there are just a few hours (three, four max. ?) left to see you and to look around. (That would mean a visit in the Residenz, perhaps, but not much more.)
        Five or six hours train for three hours here – that’s not a relaxing stay. Don’t know when you would have to leave for Köln again in the evening, but you would be alone here half of the afternoon and the early evening – sorry, no, I don’t think it would be a nice experience. A relaxed day in Köln, maybe visiting one of their collections, seems to be the better bet. I heard a whisper that there is a slim chance to find a decent glass of wine in that region, but it may be hearsay …

        1. Eryl

          You’re right, I know it! I’ll try and visit again before I get so old I can’t walk 🌞

    1. Eryl

      Indeed I am. Hoping to get a minute to write a post about it before I forget everything!

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