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Snacking on Literature: Days 20, 21 & 22

Day 20: Amanda Gorman Reads ‘The Hill We Climb

The Guardian suggests watching Under the Volcano for day 20 of its Literary Diet, but who had time to watch a film when all that was going on in Washington? Exactly! 

So, instead of Albert Finney, of whom I am very fond, I got my literary fix from Amanda Gorman. Just the way she uses her hands makes me glad to be alive.

Day 21: Bernadine Evaristo

Not on the Guardians list, but I’ve been reading Evaristo’s brilliant Booker Prize winning novel, Girl, Woman, Other, and I’m feeling quite lifted. By both the book itself, and by the sudden visibility of black and mixed ethnicity women in the public sphere. In the West, that is, where I live as a brown skinned, poly-racial woman. 

If you are a writer you will find this short interview well worth your time. 

Day 22: Louise Glück

This is in the Guardian’s menu, though for day 21 not 22, so I’m a day behind, but hey*

I have Faithful and Virtuous Night, and love Glück’s work, but I’ve never actually heard her reading it, so this was a delight.


*I’m actually writing this on 26 January, so you could say I was a week behind!

Header image: New York Times

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