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The Enigma of Arrival

We’ve made it! We’ve left 2020 behind and arrived at 2021. It’s been a bit of a ride, hasn’t it? with many casualties, many losses. I grieve for those who didn’t make it, for those who have lost more than feels bearable, and for those who are struggling, and I hope everyone who has made it to this point will find ways to thrive, no matter how impossible that seems at the present moment.*

Charlotte blows out her seven birthday candles, July 2020

To see in this year, and banish last, I stayed up with D till about half-past twelve so we could clink glasses and ‘Happy New Year’ each other. I still woke at six-thirty, however, and though I tried to go back to sleep I gave up at about ten to seven and got out of bed. Ergo, I’m not feeling my best this morning. Nevertheless, I’m delighted to report that my first cup of coffee of 2021 was delicious. I snuggled down on my my workroom couch, under an old pashmina, and doodled in my journal while I drank it. A pretty good start to any day, and a very good start to the year, I’d say. Now I feel ready to get on. 

My intention for the day is to sit quietly and plan the year. I have several projects to get on with, and not a few hopes, so I will make a to-do list and break all the big tasks into small morsels that, I hope, will be easy to manage. I like to use Dropbox Paper for project plans because it sends me reminders when deadlines are coming up, and because it works in a kind of ‘at a glance’ way. You can make tickable to-do lists (I love ticking!) and, my favourite, timelines, so you have a view of your whole project and all its details all at once. You can also link other documents, making it easy to flit from one to another and have a visual reminder of all of those documents regardless of which one you happen to be in at the time. I am the kind of person who has to be able to see something to remember it exists. I even forget my favourite jumpers if they’re in a drawer. So I find Dropbox Paper works really well for me.**

As D gave me an Apple Watch for Christmas, I’d quite like to be able to utilise it, too. It’s proved invaluable at motivating me to stand every hour, exercise for thirty minutes (I plan to increase that to an hour next week) and burn four-hundred and thirty calories a day (not as easy as it sounds!). So, in theory, it should work for other things too. I know I can set reminders on it, but it would be good to be able to integrate it without having to remember to take another step. Actually, I do have the Dropbox app on my phone, I’ll see if the Paper reminders reach the watch without me having to do anything else. 

Gallow Hill (one of my favourite projects) in snow the other day.

So that’s how I plan to spend the first day of 2021. I love making lists and plans, so I’ll be very happy, and with luck, by the end of the day I will have a detailed, workable blueprint for the whole year. 

What are you hoping to do on this, the first day of 2021?

*I do empathise with those who feel 2021 holds little promise thanks to what transpired last year, not to mention Brexit, I dread to think how many people are going to lose their livelihoods, homes, loved ones, because it. I’m not immune, I lost my cousin Mikey in the autumn and am still reeling from the shock, and still weep for his mother, my aunt; his siblings; his wife; and his children. While I carry that sadness I need to keep on living and hoping for a better year, for everyone. 

**No one is paying me to say this!

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  1. Scarlet

    I’m hoping that 2021 lives up to expectations – the first quarter is probably going to be pretty rough, but I hope it really does get better in Spring.
    How can you forget favourite clothing items???!!! I boggled at this! Meanwhile, I love thinking about making lists and never seem to get much further!
    Happy New Year!

    1. Eryl

      I think you’re right, it’s going to be grim for a while yet. And once we’re all vaccinated and can resume our lives we’ll probably have a hideous economic recession to deal with.

      I can forget anything, I think it could be my superpower, It means I don’t miss things I’ve lost for very long. And it means when I find something I’d forgotten about it’s like Christmas. I recently found an old pair of particularly flattering jeans in the bottom of my jeans drawer, putting them on again for the first time in, probably two years, was a delight!

      Happy New Year, Scarlet! X

    2. Eryl

      Forgot to say, I tried to leave a comment on your blog, but a message telling me to log in came up and asked me for my password, and then refused to accept that password! X

      1. Scarlet

        I think my blog is playing up – I will have a tinker under the bonnet.

        1. Eryl

          I gave up with my blog because it kept logging me out and not allowing me to do anything. It kept telling me I didn’t have permission. Which is why I’m using this one, and it has its own weird issues! X

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