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Enchanted Lands

What is an enchanted land? Does it have to be outside, like a forest or a wild-flower meadow, or can it be inside, like a kitchen in which a pie is always just coming out of the oven? Does it have to be physical, like the little woodland on the edge of town, or can it be imaginary, like the beach-house I often find myself in when I should be doing my taxes?

For the next little while I will be exploring these questions in schools around Dumfries and Galloway in a series of interactive workshops.

We will create our own imaginary Enchanted Land.  We’ll start with the basics, add detail, invent some characters to inhabit it, and give them a series of problems to solve.

By the end the students should be more than able to write or record a fabulous story based on their own enchanted lands.

I can barely wait!

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