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An Apology, of Sorts

I’ve put the following message on my Home page, but thought it worth putting in a blog post too, mostly because I don’t suppose many people look at my Home page very often, if ever. And, anyway, it’s an easy post.

Being a writer, I spend quite a lot of my time writing. At the moment I’m writing a novel, so this website is having to fend for itself as I’m not able to devote enough time to keeping it fully updated. 

However, when they come my way I will add the odd opportunity for writers here, and share links to opportunities and other interesting stuff on my Face Book page.

I do hope you understand, and can forgive my lassitude with regard to this part of my practice. 

I’m writing the novel as part of NaNowrimo (National Novel Writing Month)The idea of which is to write fifty-thousand words during the month of November. I’m at just over forty-thousand, and once I reach the fifty, I’ll read it over, see the gaps that need to be filled, do some research, fill those gaps, and, finally, have a go at finding the right structure for the story. The structuring will be the part that takes the longest. Reading it will take a day or two, research may take a couple of months, then filling in the gaps will probably take another month or two. But structuring, that’s designing the architecture and then building it by hand. I’ve so far written three novels, and have never got the structure to a standard I’m happy with. Thus, I’ve never let anyone else read any of them. With this one I have more of an idea about what I think it needs, so with luck it will work. If it doesn’t I’ll have to keep at it.

I’m going to get back to it now, thanks for your patience.


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  1. keznoa

    Glad ur still slogging…sound very positive. I’m impressed, especially as it’s only the 18th Nov! That’s an output that will be envied by many. I’m sure when you come to developing a more formal structure Scrivener will come to your aid. I’ve yet to follow up on that one. But I will.

    1. Eryl

      It’s interesting, if not surprising, how these things get easier over time. Last year by this time I was struggling, but this year I could keep going all day if my hands didn’t get so sore. I’m averaging about two and a half thousand a day, I think, some days I do three thousand, but my hands really begin to suffer. Seriously thinking of trying to get up to speed with the voice recognition software this computer has.

      Scrivener will make putting things where I want them easy, I just need to work out where I want them!
      You’ll follow up on it when you’re ready, and I will be here to help you if you need me. X

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