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Literature Ambassador: Writer Opps: Tom-Gallon Award

If you’ve been writing short-stories for long enough to have at least one published, you’ll have discovered there’s very little money for those of us who favour the genre. So it’s jolly nice when you stumble across an opportunity, no matter how slight, to make any at all, let alone as much as a thousand pounds. So here one is, just for you:

The ALCS Tom-Gallon Trust Award

An annual award of £1,000 for a short story, financed by a bequest made by Miss Nellie Tom-Gallon in memory of her brother and generously supported by ALCS.Entry to the 2020 prize is now open. 

The deadline for entry is 31 October at 5pm GMT. You’ll find more details on my Opportunities for Writers page, where there’s also a link to enter.

Best of!

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