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A Day of Curiosity – Sat 8th June

From Wigtown:

Find out why curiosity didn’t kill the cat! Join us this Saturday in Wigtown for a day of short talks from the inquisitive staff of the University of Glasgow, Dumfries Campus. Dip in and out of the sessions or, if you’re particularly curious, stay for the whole day! There’ll be the opportunity to listen and take part in discussions about a wide range of topics from the secrets and stories of rivers to what it was like to be a cow in early modern Britain! View highlights from the programme below, or view the full programme online.

Listen, converse, question. All you need to bring is your curiosity!

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Programme Highlights

Elisabeth Loose: Crack Your Phone
What wonders lie in your palm every day?

John Shi: Water Wars
Why WW3 may be fought over H2O

Gitte Koksvik with Solveiga Zibaite: What’s Brewing in the Death Cafe? 
Why a new curiosity about the end of life is welcome

Lizanne Henderson: What Was it Like to be a Cow in Early Modern Britain?
A bovine view of witches and ‘charmers’ reveals the unexpected

Victoria Preece: A Novel Approach to Well-being
Is well-being really a medical matter? And how can fiction help us understand it?

David Peters: The American Myth and Scottish Enlightenment
Could Scottish Enlightenment thinking restore US democracy?

Michele Vincent: The Curious Power of Learning Languages
What are the benefits for adults and children of learning a foreign tongue?

Natalie Welden: Life is a Beach
Vital lessons the shoreline ‘laboratory’ can teach us all

Dave Borthwick: Rivers Have Secrets and Stories
Transform the way you look at rivers forever

Carol Hill: Dumfries & Galloway and the Sea
A maritime perspective transforms our idea of place

Alistair Hunter: The 21st Century is the Age of Centenarians
What’s it like to be 100? How will growing numbers reaching this landmark change society?

A Day of Curiosity is brought to you by the University of Glasgow’s School of Interdisciplinary Studies to celebrate its 20th anniversary at Dumfries, in association with Wigtown Festival Company and A Year of Conversation 2019.

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