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Having forgotten quite how busy the first working week of a year can be, I’ve gotten a little behind with my literary diet. This has been a week of meetings, catching up, and planning. As well as writing, both workshops and fiction (with a little random poetry), and reading. 

I’ve just finished reading Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, by Gail Honeyman, which was almost impossible to put down. I wanted to see how Honeyman developed both the character and the story, and how, if, she resolved everything. I loved the character and the way Honeyman drip fed information about her backstory, which was crucial to understanding her. I went from thinking she was an irritating snob to finding her utterly hilarious to weeping for her and, finally, falling in love with her. I was very slightly disappointed with one aspect of the ending, but delighted with that ending too. I’ll be interested to see how Hollywood translates it for the screen, apparently Reese Witherspoon has bought the film rights. I hope they keep it in Glasgow, but suspect they won’t.

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Curious Authentic Ink, and all who sail in her, wishes you a healthy, creative, just challenging enough New Year.

A toast to the new year
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As 2020 has gone on, one distraction after another – the pandemic; Brexit; the US election… – I seem to have accrued a pile of half-read books. And, as Christmas isn’t going to demand any more attention than buying a handful of gifts for the few loved ones I’ll get to see, decorating a tree, and making sure there’s food in the house, I’ve decided to dedicate December to reading as many of those books as possible. 

I’ll blog about it here, why not join me in my Midwinter Readathon?

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